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The Olympus FluoViewTM FV500 is a point-scanning, point-detection, confocal laser scanning microscope designed for biological research applications. Excellent resolution, efficiency of excitation, intuitive user interface and affordability are key characteristics of the FV500. A fully automated confocal system, the FV500 may be configured with ultraviolet through infrared lasers and permits simultaneous collection of up to 5 detection channels. The FV500 scanning unit can be coupled to either the IX2 inverted or the BX2 upright research microscope platforms.

Features and Benefits - Confocal microscopy can improve conventional fluorescence images by recording fluorescence generated from the focal plane within the sample, while rejecting all other light coming from above or below the focal plane. The efficient point-scan/pinhole-detection confocal optics of the FluoViewTM systems virtually eliminate out of focus light to produce high-contrast images with superb resolution. The features listed in this section are available on Olympus FV500 microscope system configurations.

FV500 Scanning Unit - The FV500 scanning unit combines maximum optical efficiency with a capacity for up to five photomultipliers with independent pinholes for each channel. Images may be scanned in any pixel array size up to 2048 x 2048, with each channel digitized to 4096 gray levels (12-bit resolution), permitting observation of fine image detail. Images may also be acquired in an automated sequential mode in order to reduce spectral crosstalk between channels for multi-color images.

FV500 Specifications - The Olympus FV500 specification sheet includes information about laser light sources, the scanning unit, microscope combinations, external illumination sources, host computer configuration and requirements, the applications software, and power consumption statistics.

FluoViewTM Brochures - For detailed information about the Olympus FluoViewTM and available support equipment for the innovative microscopist, the appropriate brochures may be downloaded. Extensive product photographs, charts, descriptions, sample images, technical specifications, and application notes can help you decide upon the perfect microscope, imaging system, software, and accessories to meet your specific research needs. Included in this section are brochures on research microscopes, digital camera systems, laser systems, objectives, dichromatic mirror units, software, and research microscopes.

FV500 System Dimensions