Olympus High Performance Objectives for LSCM .
Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy

Infinity-Corrected Objectives for Confocal Microscopy

A wide range of top-class objectives providing unrivalled clarity and full compliance with international standards is available for all of the Olympus FluoViewTM confocal microscope systems.

Olympus continues to pursue the development of advanced optical systems designed to meet the increasing sophistication of demanding applications in optical microscopy. Nothing exemplifies that commitment more clearly than the UIS infinity optics, now established as one of the most successful developments in this field. Chromatic aberration and field curvature are both fully compensated by the objective itself, providing consistently excellent clarity in every method of observation. The UIS system is also valued for its versatility, enabling individual items of equipment to be flexibly combined to meet the particular demands of different needs and applications. These include specialized objectives designed for superior performance in laser scanning applications covering the ultraviolet, visible, and infrared spectral regions.

Special Objectives for Laser Scanning Microscopy (Visible Region)

Changes in refractive index adversely affect the intensity and appaarent distance during deep confocal imaging. Water immersion type objectives are recommended for observation of biological samples because the refractive index of the objective is the same as the specimen. The PLAPO40XWLSM and PLAPO60xWLSM objectives perfectly correct spherical and chromatic aberrations in the 400-750 nanometer wavelength region.

New Unique Objective for Ultraviolet Confocal Imaging

The Olympus unique ultraviolet-corrected apochromatic objective allows superior confocal imaging of ultraviolet excited fluorochromes. The objective is corrected from 350-650 nanometers to acquire superior quality multi-channel confocal images. The infinity-corrected water immersion 40x objective brings both the ultraviolet excitation and blue emission to the same focal point as visible (green and red) light. Therefore, it enables true confocal imaging throughout the field of view.

Specialized Near-Infrared Objectives with IR Laser Light (Visible-Infrared Region)

Clear depth observation in aqueous specimens can be obtained using the UPLAPO60XW/IR water immersion objective, which is corrected for wavelengths from 450-1,100 nanometers. Simultaneous infrared-differential interference contrast (DIC) observation is obtained, with no chromatic aberration between the visible fluorescence and infrared DIC images. The infrared laser port of the FluoViewTM FV500 has a straight optical feature without reflection. This versatile objective is designed with a correction collar for cover glass thickness ranging from 0.13-0.21 millimeters.

Olympus UIS Infinity-Corrected Objective Specifications
Objectives for AX/BX/IX (Using U-UCD8, IX-LWUCD and U-DICTS)
Objective Numerical
UPLFL10x 0.30 10.00 U/IX-DP10 Normal
UPLAPO10x 0.40 3.10 U/IX-DP10 Normal
UPLFL20x 0.50 1.60 U-DP20 Normal
UPLAPO20x 0.70 0.65 U/IX-DPA20 Normal
UPAPO40x 0.85 0.20 U/IX-DP40 Normal
UPLFL40x0 1.30 0.10 U/IX-DP040S BFP1
UPLAPO40xOI2 0.50-1.00 0.12 U/IX-DP040S BFP1
UPLFL60xO 0.65-1.25 0.10 U/IX-DP060S Normal
UPLAPO60xO2 1.40 0.15 U/IX-DP060S BFP1
UPLAPO100xOI 0.50-1.35 0.10 U/IX-DP100 Normal
UPLAPO40xWLSM 0.90 0.15 U/IX-DPAW40 LSM Normal
UPLAPO60xWLSM 1.00 0.15 U/IX-DPAW60 LSM Normal
APO20xWLSM/UV 0.40 0.14 - Normal
APO40xWLSM/UV 0.90 0.12 - Normal
UPLAPO60xW 1.20 0.31-0.25 U/IX-DP060S Normal
UPLAPO60xW/IR 1.20 0.31-0.25 U/IX-DP060S Normal