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Opossum Kidney Epithelial Cells (OK Line)

OK Cells

The adherent monolayer culture of opossum kidney epithelial cells presented in the digital image above was stained for F-actin and the mitochondrial network with Alexa Fluor 488 conjugated to phalloidin and MitoTracker Red CMXRos, respectively. The cells were also probed for DNA with the red-absorbing dye TO-PRO-3. Images were recorded with a 60x oil immersion objective using a zoom factor of 4.0 and sequential scanning with the 488-nanometer spectral line of an argon-ion laser, the 543-nanometer line from a green helium-neon laser, and the 633-nanometer line of a red helium-neon laser. During the processing stage, individual image channels were pseudocolored with RGB values corresponding to each of the fluorophore emission spectral profiles.

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