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Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy
FluoView FV1000/IX Tissue Culture Microscope

The Olympus FluoViewTM FV1000 is a next-generation imaging system designed for high-resolution, confocal observation of both fixed and living cells. The FV1000 offers advances in confocal system performance while providing the speed and sensitivity required for live cell imaging with minimal risk of damage to living specimens. In addition, the FV1000 offers a revolutionary synchronized laser scanning system called the SIM Scanner. While one laser stimulates, the second laser simultaneously provides high-resolution imaging. This coordination of laser stimulation and imaging makes the FV1000 an ideal choice for FRAP, FLIP and photoactivation.

Features and Benefits - Among the advanced features of the FV1000 is the simultaneous application of two laser scanners (SIM scanner) to enable synchronization of specimen excitation and observation. Highly efficient ion deposition interference filters increase the instrument's sensitivity, while high-speed galvanometers and spectroscopic detection combine to yield precision scans with 2-nanometer wavelength resolution.

FV1000 Scanning Unit - The newly developed FV1000 scanning units offer a high-sensitivity detection system coupled to high-speed scanning and laser feedback to enable the capture of high-quality images of living organisms undergoing rapid change. Images may be scanned in any pixel array size up to 2048 x 2048, with each channel digitized to 4096 gray levels (12-bit resolution), permitting observation of fine image detail. The FV1000 scanning unit employs a new spectral imaging technology using diffraction gratings to provide distinct wavelength separation with precise resolution.

FV1000 Operations Software - Enhanced with specialized applications modules, the FV1000 confocal operations software is designed to operate on standard Windows computer systems with an intuitive, menu-driven interface. Images can be displayed side-by-side in single channels, merged, tiled, and presented with details of the acquisition mechanism. In addition, the software contains look-up tables for individual color settings and pseudo-color, as well as providing the ability to add graphical and text input for comments.

FV1000 Specifications - The Olympus FV1000 specification sheet includes information about laser light sources, the scanning unit, microscope combinations, external illumination sources, host computer configuration and requirements, the applications software, and power consumption statistics.

FluoViewTM Brochures - For detailed information about the Olympus FluoViewTM and available support equipment for the innovative microscopist, the appropriate brochures may be downloaded. Extensive product photographs, charts, descriptions, sample images, technical specifications, and application notes can help you decide upon the perfect microscope, imaging system, software, and accessories to meet your specific research needs. Included in this section are brochures on research microscopes, digital camera systems, laser systems, objectives, dichromatic mirror units, software, and research microscopes.